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DJ Sabby And Muchi Name The Female Rappers They Think Can Out Rap SA Male Rappers

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DJ Sabby And Muchi Name The Female Rappers They Think Can Out Rap SA Male Rappers. The questions that panellists on the POPcast have to answer at times are very tricky but the aim is to get those controversial answers that get the SA Hip Hop community talking. On the latest episode the panellist, SA Hip Hop DJ, Ms Cosmo and content creator, Muchi also known as Muchi were joined by Metro FM radio host, DJ Sabby as they shared their thoughts on trends happening in the culture. The panellists spoke about a touchy subject female rappers who can out rap their male counterparts. Females in Hip Hop aren’t always given the recognition they deserve and sometimes are overlooked.

Ms Cosmo is a known advocate of females in the game and is always shining the spotlight on ladies doing well in the game. She opted to let the guys answer the tricky question this time to hear their views on the subject close to home. “A woman who can out rap any man in the game,” was the question at hand. None of the panellists are privy to the questions prior to them being selected. DJ Sabby without hesitation remarked that there are a lot of females who can out rap the guys.

“I mean locally somebody who I think 100% can rap and can out rap a lot of the guys is Gigi Lamayne,” said Muchi. “Gigi Lamayne is a really good Mc and she gets discarded not given, maybe it’s just picking up on this conversation or maybe you’ve got really good bars but she hasn’t found the right songs to resonate with a lot of people but if you listen to Gigi Lamayne, Gigi Lamayne can out rap a lot of these guys, also a lot of these guys can’t rap so it’s not a very hard thing to do to out rap them. It’s not like we’re sitting there with these heavy bars guys that you have to go leaps and bounds to get ahead, you don’t have to rap that much to out rap a lot of the guys in the game anyway but Gigi Lamayne is very gifted MC” added Muchi.

“I think since you mentioned Gigi just to open up the book a little bit more, I’ll say Rouge man. I think Rouge can eat these rappers and sing them to sleep. I think she’s freaking amazing,” said DJ Sabby. Ms Cosmo went on to share he comments on the topic. “I think both of the people that you have mentioned are definitely my top two also because I think they are good musicians. I like both of the rappers that you guys have both mentioned because I think both are really good musicians outside of just being a rapper because you need to be able to give a little bit more than the bars,” shared Ms Cosmo. The Hip Hop DJ also went on to throw Fifi Cooper’s name in the mix. It’s a minute since Fifi dropped music, the rapper was signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment but since she left the label has taken a step back from the music scene.

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