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DJ Sliqe Discloses A Rapper Who Is Becoming Less Ambitious SA Hip Hop Mag

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DJ Sliqe Discloses A Rapper Who Is Becoming Less Ambitious. He is not only slick at making great beats and hits, but Dj Sliqe carries unmatched knowledge when it comes to music and the rap game in Mzansi. The prominent DJ bagged  Head of Hip Hop/R&B at Sony Music Entertainment South Africa and he has made many hits working with different South Ah hip hop artists.

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DJ Sliqe Discloses A Rapper Who Is Becoming Less Ambitious

During the PoPCast interview with Ms Cosmo, DJ Sliqe was asked a very serious question by Ms Cosom even though at first he responded in hilarious and funny way. “As Years go by, which rapper is becoming less and less ambitious?” And Sliqe quickly responded jokingly, “Soulja Boy.” However, DJ Sliqe went on and ventured into a serious conversation responding to Ms Cosmo’s question as he disclosed the SA hip hop artist who is becoming less ambitious in the game.

Let me think of an ambitious rapper, Saudi,” he said. Ms Cosmo and went on genuinely asked the whereabout of Saudi since he has been dead silent in the hip hop game. “Where is he?” she asked. DJ Sliqe went and revealed how much he likes the rapper and how eager he wants Saudi to release more music and be relevant in the rap game. “I like him, I love him, so I’m like come on,” he said.

Ms Cosmo also shared that she believes he was one of the best artists at Ambitiouz Records. “The sad part is that I actually felt he was one of the top-notch artists at Ambitiouz.” Ms Cosmo went on and mentioned how the rapper was attracting US rappers to work with him. “That’s even why Kendrick picked him up to be on his album,” she said.

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