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Dr. Dre’s Homeless Daughter Launches GoFundMe To Raise $50,000 And So Far The Results Are Pitiful

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Dr. Dre’s struggling, homeless daughter has launched a GoFundMe as she attempts to raise money to get into a house with her four children!

Dr. Dre’s daughter continues to struggle financially, as her wealthy father shells out hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in spousal support.

LaTanya Young recently launched a GoFundMe in hopes of raising $50,000 to help her get out of her financial predicament.

LaTanya, who is homeless, is trying to raise the money to benefit her and her four kids, so they can find a stable home. 

Last week, it was revealed she was living out of her car, while her children stayed with family members. 

“I think GoFundMe campaigns are for people in desperate situations and I’m in a desperate situation, LaTanya Young told The Daily Mail.

LaTanya Young has been estranged from her biological father Dr. Dre for over 18 years. She currently works a variety of odd jobs to make ends meet. 

But her gig as a Door Dash driver and warehouse assembler is not earning her enough to pay the bills.

In past interviews, LaTanya Young accused Dr. Dre’s estranged wife Nicole of driving a wedge in between them and blocking their relationship.

LaTanya also said Dr. Dre has never even met his biological grandchildren. 

Dr. Dre fathered LaTanya Young with his ex-girlfriend, Lisa Johnson. The couple split up when LaTanya was just five years old. Dre, born Andre Young, also has two other children with Lisa Johnson named Latoya and Ashley.

In July, Dr. Dre was ordered to pay Nicole Young $3.5 million a year in spousal support, which breaks down to $293,306 per month.

LaTanya claims Dre’s lawyer confirmed the superstar producer, who is worth over $850 million, is ignoring her. 

‘His lawyer has said that my dad doesn’t want to help me because I’ve spoken about him in the press,” LaTanya Young claimed. 

As for LaTanya, her GoFundMe has raised a paltry $180 since being launched three days ago.

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