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DVBBS return to the charts with ‘West Coast’ featuring Quinn XCII

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DVBBS return to the charts with ‘West Coast’ featuring Quinn XCII: Listen

DVBBS has just released their newest single ‘West Coast’ featuring Quinn XCII.

DVBSS (real names Christopher and Alex van den Hoef) first gained notoriety with their smash hit ‘Tsunami’, which debuted in 2012 on Universal Music. Relaying off that great energy, the duo released other dancefloor hits such as ‘La La Land’, ‘Gold Skies’, and their number one breakout hit ‘Angel’, which to date has over one billion streams. This past September, the duo released a killer 9-track EP entitled ‘Nothing To See Here‘, in which they deliver their signature sound throughout the entirety of the EP.

They’ve enlisted the help of Quinn XCII (real name Mikael Temrowski), an American singer/songwriter who released his debut album ‘The Story of Us’ via Columbia Records that includes the chart-topping single ‘Straightjacket’. He has since released another two albums including ‘To Michigan With Love’ and ‘A Letter To My Younger Self’, as well as his collaboration with MAX on ‘Love Me Less’, in which he performed live on Jimmy Kimmel, The Today Show, and others.

‘West Coast’ brings us the feeling of summer in October.  From the moment the song begins, the catchy lyrics and big slapping bassline immediately draw us in and classify this tune as an instant jam. DVBBS takes Quinn XCII’s voice and distorts it to add a super special element to the chorus while drums groove along the way. The nearly three-minute song doesn’t feel long enough for a bop as good as this, you just might find yourself putting this track on repeat!

Take a listen to ‘West Coast’ by DVBBS (featuring Quinn XCII) below and make sure to follow DVBBS on Spotify here & Quinn XCII aswell here.

Image Credit: Paul Capra

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