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Ecco Reveals He Never Got A Percentage From Joint Project With A-Reece

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Ecco Reveals He Never Got A Percentage From Joint Project With A-Reece. In 2018, rappers A-Reece, Ecco and Wordz collaborated on an EP called L3, Long Lost Letters. The Wrecking Crew’s project was well received by fans and is still something that fans listen to. Ecco is gearing up to release his debut project Beauty And The Beast, a project his fans have been patiently waiting for. The rapper has been heavily promoting his upcoming album on social media and engaging with his fans. The excitement for Ecco’s debut project is certainly in the air, especially since fans are aware of just how talented the artist is.

The rapper recently revealed an unknown fact about his EP, L3, and it is certainly not a good thing. In response to a fan, who will never forget what Ecco did on L3, Ecco revealed he never got his percentage from the jab. The rapper even wonders who is benefiting from the project. “U know what’s crazy? I never got my percentage from that joint tape, I wonder who’s eating it,” revealed Ecco. Fans were left shocked by Ecco’s claims and wondered if he was only revealing this as a way to promote his upcoming album, which he says is not the case. “Truth hurts… I know💔 one day you’ll make peace with it,” tweeted Ecco.

Ecco explained in a previous interview with Zkhiphani why he split from the wrecking crew and shared that money was an issue and how things were handled. “After the tweets and everything, when we went to hash it out and everything, we spoke about it and we decided that: “okay guys, the visions are now split…” Let’s make is easy and then we can make it a fair and easy split,” Ecco told the publication.

A-Reece and Ecco’s project was highly praised as it showcased the Pretoria based hip hop collective talents as they took on the Hip Hop streets. Even seasoned rappers like Cassper had good things to say about the project. “L3 is one of my favourite projects from the new kids. It was soo well produced and the lyrics give me such a clear picture of how the kids are living. The sound is also so refreshing. Nice one,” tweeted Cassper Nyovest after the EP had dropped. A-Reece has not yet responded to Ecco’s claims and only time will tell if A-Reece will maybe address the situation in his music.

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