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Eight People Reported Dead from Mass Casualty Incident at Houston’s Astroworld

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During Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival set on Friday night, a crowd surge left at least eight people dead and hundreds injured. According to officials, the event, which took place in Houston, Texas, had over 50,000 attendees, almost all of whom were at Scott’s stage at 9:36 p.m. when the surge took place.

The surge caused basically a stampede in the crowd which led to fans passing out and panicking. Many people flooded social media with what they’d just experienced. Some reported it was so crowded they were literally unable to breathe or escape their surroundings. Others recorded video of concertgoers approaching a cameraman to help beg the rapper to stop the show shouting, “people are dying.” Despite this, the show continued to carry on for another hour.

An ICU nurse named Madeline Eskins spoke to Rolling Stone and stated that she tried to “jump up as much as [she] could to get air” before she passed out. She also went on to state that the medical staff had little to no experience with CPR and that despite the fact that some people have stated the deaths could be due to drugs, the actual cause for the mass casualty event was overcrowding. Eskins shared more about her experience on social media.

The events scheduled for Astroworld Saturday, Nov. 6 have officially been canceled.

Travis Scott released a statement in regards to the tragic events. Read them below.

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