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Elikplim’s ‘Tortor’ will leave you wanting more – Ghana Music

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After confirming his incoming single just a few days ago, Elikplim has now released the new Afrobeat song ‘Tortor’ under his label, Nexx Vibes Entertainment.

The enamoring song is another step in the right direction for Ho’s burgeoning star and is an evolution in the sound he seeks to achieve.

‘Tortor’ highlights a state of confusion between Elikplim and a lover who keeps sending mixed signals about her feelings for him, but he’s had enough.

‘Tortor’ bears a nonchalant tone and lyrics that are suggestive of Elikplim’s willingness to move on to another: ‘’I promise on my honor not to mind you, ‘cause I get special replacement better than you who go give me refreshment oh’’, he sweetly sings.

Unlike his previous release ‘Tortor’ is infused with a diverse dialect pool, making it easy for a wider audience to appreciate.

Give ‘Tortor’ by Elikplim a listen.

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