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Emtee Details Who He Believes Made The ‘Drug Use’ Allegations About Him

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Emtee Details Who He Believes Made The ‘Drug Use’ Allegations About Him. Emtee has always been adamant that he has never used drugs in his life despite admitting to having been a dealer. A few years, allegations that he was addicted to drugs. There were even calls from the public for Emtee to get assistance for his alleged substance abuse after he collapsed on stage. The award-winning rapper claimed that fatigue was behind his fall and not drugs as speculated. Those rumours seem to be still following Emtee around despite him having previously made his stance on the matter known.

A fan recently commented that Emtee has been free from drugs to which the trapper responded and once again reiterated that he has never done drugs. However this time, Emtee spoke on the root of these allegations, as he shared who he believes made the allegations about him. According to the award-winning artist, people who owe him money are the ones who came up with the claims that Emtee uses drugs. Emtee explained that these allegations were made so that he appears a careless and clumsy person. “I was never on drugs. People who owe me go around saying that to make me look careless and clumsy,” revealed Emtee.

Emtee unfortunately did not name-drop who those individuals who owe him money are but considering his turbulent past with his former record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, who knows if he is pointing the finger at them. When the rumours of Sjava’s drug use when public, one person who had his back was his friend, musician Sjava who at the time spoke of how haters don’t know how to tell what’s real or not. “Don’t forget that before we got here people were fed FAKE content in the game for a long time namanje there is still a whole lot of FUGAZYNESS going on so forgive them when they say unamanga they dont know whats real or not,” tweeted Sjava at the time.

Emtee has always maintained that he has never done drugs but the allegations have always been around he also shared another tweet where he remarked how people have even claimed that he finished his money on drugs, which he says is not the case. Emtee does however seem to spend his money on weed but says it’s not that expensive to finish his money. “Mane! Fo nem finessed me and claimed I finished my money on drugs. I don’t even do drugs and ayikho instangu edura the!” remarked Emtee.

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