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Emtee Explains How Maraza Influenced His Hip hop Come Up SA Hip Hop Mag

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Emtee Explains How Maraza Influenced His Hip hop Come Up. Roll Up was Emtee’s breakthrough track after he got signed to the independent record label Ambitiouz. The rapper’s song became a street anthem, but Emtee was put on the path to International prominence by his album “Avery.” Despite being successful within the hip hop genre, “The Hustler” did not turn a blind eye to the people who contributed to his rise to fame.

The young Johannesburg rapper blew up under a record label, but he did not spite the people that contributed massively to his hip hop career. On his documentary, “The Real Story About Emtee” the rapper mentioned how Maraza played a significant role on his hip hop come up.

Emtee Explains How Maraza Influenced His Hip hop Come Up

“I met Maraza he was the first like, the first established artist that I bumped into and made sure I make that moment come.” “So when I met him, I gave him my music, like yoh listen up!” I board into him in Yeoville and I was like yoh man here is my music.”

The Hustler further mentioned that him and Maraza made a lot of music together during that time, and they had a very good relationship. “We started making a lot of music together and for years, he was like my mentor, I attended shows and I’m with him then we formed a group which was called Fourfront.”

At that time, Emtee highlighted that Maraza introduced him to Ruff the producer and they started working together. They made songs together up until the time he was signed to Ambitiouz Records. “Ruff owned a studio downtown that he owned with the late hommie SK, Maraza took me to that studio and that’s where we really really met.”

Maraza and Emtee’s relationship took a different direction soon after Ndevu got signed to the record label. But during an interview the Gwan hit maker made it clear that Emtee is his little brother and he is part of his family.

He’s part of the family. We’ve known each other for so long. We’ve worked together for so long. We’ve been through things. We’ve lived together. We’ve shared plates, we’ve shared money, we’ve shared beds, we’ve shared clothing, but most importantly, we always shared knowledge,” said Maraza.

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