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Emtee Explains Why He’s Still Working With Producer Ruff

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Emtee Explains Why He’s Still Working With Producer Ruff. Producer Ruff is behind some of Emtee’s biggest hits in his career and the rapper certainly can credit the hit producer, real name Mfanafuthi Ruff Nkosi for a lot of his success. The rapper has previously expressed that he used to dream about Ruff being his producer and this eventually became a reality and the two went on to achieve huge success. Despite their history together for some reason some fans seem to think, Emtee has stopped working with Ruff, which is hardly the case.

Emtee shared that he didn’t know why this is the case and also shared why he continues to work with the African Trap Movement (ATM) producer. Emtee shared with a Twitter user that Ruff is the steering which is why he continues to work with him on his music. “Y people think I don’t work with Ruff no more? He’s the sterring!” tweeted Emtee. The award-winning artist also made it clear that he certainly wants no smoke with Ruff. Emtee told his fanbase that in the events, he ever beefs with Ruff they should smack him. “Please smack me the day I decide to beef with that man. All yall!” exclaimed Emtee. The hustler certainly shouldn’t find himself at loggerheads with Ruff as the producer has been instrumental in his career.

Emtee has previously shared good words about Ruff on social media., as he expressed that he always had hopes of working with him. “When I was in high school my dream was that Ruff becomes my producer one day. Now he my partner and sensei. I wouldn’t be where I am without you big bro. I love you 4L,” shared Emtee. The trapper will always work with Ruff as their bond is not an easily breakable one. “Other kids wanted to be doctors n all. I said I wanna be a musician and Ruff WILL be my producer. I use to go to the studio in my school uniform on just to watch him in action. I didn’t pressure him. I was just that kid keeps to himself until SK let me in the booth,” tweeted the rapper.

Ruff has even worked on Emtee’s latest body of work, Logan. Ruff is created for working on tracks, Saam Sokol’, Brand New Day and Johustleburg, it is possible that he worked on more. While Ruff has assisted in Emtee’s success he has gone on to become a very well known producer and collected accolades along the way. Ruff now works alongside Sjava at their record label, 1020 Cartel.

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