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Emtee Is Not Here For Artist’s Rates Being Messed With

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Emtee Is Not Here For Artist’s Rates Being Messed With. Times are tough currently in South Africa, the economy is no longer the same and the Covid-19 pandemic has not made things easier when it comes to artists earning. The pandemic resulted in the country being in lockdown and artists were unable to earn money due to the restrictions placed on gigs. The country has now opened up and artists are getting booked all over the show. However while the bookings are coming in there seems to be a growing issue when it comes to booking rates.

Rapper Emtee is the latest Hip Hop act to voice out his frustrations about rates being messed with. The trapper recently took to social media and let people know to stop trying to water down artists rates. Emtee has a catalogue filled with hits and is loved by crowds and is known to put amazing performances. “Stop tryna water down artists rates,” tweeted the rappper. Emtee did not expand on his tweet or reveal who he was directing his words to. However, there is a growing trend of rates being brought down by event orgainsers and promoters.

The knock this in booking rates is caused by various reasons, sometimes people are just not willing to pay or they just can’t afford an artist and the state of the economy is currently not helping. Rapper Tshego when he shared his thoughts on the matter put the blame on Amapiano artist. The No Ties hitmaker, revealed in a post that he was offered R10 000 for an hour performance. The rapper was not impressed with the rate, and requested that Amapiano artists not f**k up the booking rates. “I’m being asked to do an hour for 10K. I could die. In what f**king world, on what drugs. This how y’all living??? Surely you mean 10K to host for an hour? F**king hell,” wrote the rapper in his post.

During an episode of the POPcast, DJ Double D revealed that artists are complaining about the dent in booking fees. “I’ve heard directly from artists, I’ve heard from promoters, I’ve heard from managers as well, a lot of guys have complained especially in Hip Hop, saying oh man you guys have put a dent in the market because the promoters are always going to try and take advantage,” he revealed. When an artist knows their worth and they have a built a solid reputation for themselves, they are allowed to charge the amount that they do, whether it be R80k for a feature or performance.

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