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Emtee Reacts To MacG Giving Bonuses To His Podcast And Chill Employees SA Hip Hop Mag

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Emtee Reacts To MacG Giving Bonuses To His Podcast And Chill Employees. The MacG Podcast and Chill has brewed a lot of controversial interviews as of late. The podcast has managed to grabbed the attention of many South Africans as their content has kept almost everyone at their of their seats. Recently, MacG mentioned on one of his episode that he will be giving bonuses to all his employees for all the hard work they have put on for the show to be successful.

Emtee Reacts To MacG Giving Bonuses To His Podcast And Chill Employees

MacG’s sentiment towards his podcast team received a massive reaction on Twitter TL. The most reaction that caught most people’s attention was Emtee responding to one Twitter follower who was compliment the podcaster for a noble gesture towards the team he works with.

“MacG giving his employees bonuses is just heartwarming. They have really worked very hard, now the podcast is the biggest in Africa #podcastandchillwithmacg.” Emtee went on and responded to the tweet airing his concerns towards MacG for not paying after he appeared for the MacG show. And then the people who come on the show to sing get nothing. Zero, tweeted Emtee. Emtee’s responds activated a massive reaction from tweeps, with some pleading with the rapper not to beef with MacG. Its only a matter of time to see if MacG will respond to Emtee’s concerns.

Despite Emtee not making it to the SA Hip hop Awards winners’ list, the rapper has received showers of praises from his followers with Sjava included. Sjava made it clear on his tweet that Emtee is not someone who should be compared to other artists.

To all @emteerecords supporters you need to understand that Emtee can never be compared if you love respect and understand what he does and why he does it here is my advice just enjoy his music nikhohlwe yizinto eziningi his mixtape dropping soon and it’s going to be a classic. Tweeted Sjava.

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