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Emtee Rectifies Not Crediting Ayanda Daweti On Their Collaboration But Still Has An Issue

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Emtee Rectifies Not Crediting Ayanda Daweti On Their Collaboration But Still Has An Issue. In September, Scandal! actor and rapper Ayanda Daweti, who also goes by the moniker Tuckshop Bafanaz, revealed how he felt about not being credited on the track, All My Life, which he collaborated with Emtee on. The track is featured on Emtee’s album, Logan. Tuckshop Bafanaz has now been credited on the popular song, as a featured artist. The changes currently reflect on digital platforms Spotify and Apple Music. Emtee recently alerted his fans that the mistake on All My Life had been fixed but however also remarked that the “bum ass interview is still there”.

The bum ass interview, Emtee is referring to is Tuckshop Bafanaz’s interview with the New Kid Vlog podcast, where he spoke out about not being credited on the song. The video of the interview is currently still on YouTube and has been viewed over 2476 times and Tuckshop Bafanaz has not deleted the clip, where he addresses the debacle on his social media platforms. Getting the video, taken down might not be an easy task, especially considering Ayanda does speak on other topics and not just his issue with Emtee.

SA Hip Hop artist Lolli Native, who is signed to Emtee’s record label, Emtee Records shared how he thinks Tuckshop Bafanaz could rectify his wrongdoing in the situation. Lolli Native suggested that the actor do another interview and share the real story of what happened. Lolli Native even said that he is even waiting for an apology from Tuckshop Bafanaz for the disrespect. @ayandadaweti_ must make another interview & tell the real story! After all that disrespect I’m still waiting on my apology!” remarked Lolli Native. It is yet to be seen if Tuckshop Bafanaz will apologise, for his words, after all, he could argue that he was speaking his truth during the interview.

The artist however did react to the mistake being rectified by the Emtee Records team. Tuckshop Bafanaz took to his Facebook page to share that the mistake has been fixed and clarified that he has no beef with Emtee and just wanted to be credited for his work. “Mistake Rectified By The Emtee Records Team. I’ve Got No Beef With My Brother, All I Wanted Was To Be Credited So They Know When iGwijo Wave Is On A Track,” read the post. In his interview, Ayanda said “I’m not saying I’m the one who made the song to be the way it is but I did add something for the song to sound like that. The little that you can do, I don’t care whether’s you or your team you know for a fact that my name is not written on that song and I’m not saying this is going to elevate and take me somewhere,” remarked Tuckshop Bafanaz.

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