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Emtee Responds To A Speculation That He’s Hating On A-Reece For Being The Only SA Rapper To Make It After Leaving A Label

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Emtee Responds To A Speculation That He’s Hating On A-Reece For Being The Only SA Rapper To Make It After Leaving A Label. Since the hip hop superstars (Emtee and A-Reece) departed the record label, their relationship has been rocked by rumors of fighting, leading fans to mistrust their relationship status. Ever since the two went on their separate ways they have been victims of comparison within the hip hop fanbase in Mzansi.

Recently via a tweet from one of the fans, Emtee has been accused of hating on A-Recee‘s achievements ever since he left the Ambitiouz Record Label. The No Man’s Land rapper has been labelled by most fans as the only artist who has left the label and come back stronger.

There’s no South African Hip Hop artist who left a label and came back 10x stronger. Some even ran back to the labels, y’all’s think this is easy huh. There’s ONLY one man ladies and gentlemen. The one.”

Emtee went on and responded to what he deemed as a slurred speech that was lowkey comparing him and A-Recee’s achievement since their departure from the record label they were both signed to. “Udwakire” Emtee responded.

To make it more interesting, another twitter user also made the same claims made by the first one in regards to what A-Reece has achieved ever since leaving the record label.

Let’s be honest. A-Reece is the only South African artist who did this. The dude is way stronger than he was at Ambitious. Way way stronger. Stop hating. Give the boy what’s due to him.

Even though the two have had their past beef and misunderstandings, is it safe to say that the superstars have settled their ground together? However, both are now working on vibrant projects as part of their growth in the Hip hop game. The superstars have become independent artists making the most of their rapping muscles to remain afloat and consistency in the music industry.

Hopefully Mzansi will get to witness the two collaborating together like back in the days on their track “Couldn’t” but this time around not under any record label, rather starting on a clean slate. “Time is the essence” so they say.

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