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Emtee Reveals Mistreatment From The People He Help SA Hip Hop Mag

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Emtee Reveals Mistreatment From The People He Help. Emtee has gone through a bumpy hip hop career, going through issues with the record label, and suffering from depression, the hip hop artist has had his own fair share of mishaps. The rapper was accused of being on drugs after he passed out whilst preforming on stage years back. Nonetheless, his departure from the record label and becoming an independent artist running his own label and being a family man have made him to become even more responsible.

Emtee Reveals Mistreatment From The People He Help

Emtee has come out mentioning that he is ready to work with any hip hop artist and he has reduced the amount he charges for song collaboration. This is a gesture that indicate Emtee is targeting to assist mostly artists who are on the come up. The rapper has featured on songs with young artists in the game. The Hustler has featured on JayHood track “Picture Me Rolling” along with the recently released track “Iphupho” featuring Sleeze.

Despite working and assisting different people, Emtee has revealed that he has been mistreated by the same people he has been helping. “I have this bad luck of people treating like shit no matter what I do fo em,” tweeted Emtee. This is not the first time that Emtee has come out lashing out at people for mistreating him.

The rapper allegedly accused his partner for abusing him because he wasn’t generating enough income since he couldn’t perform due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Additional claims stated that his allegations of abuse were unfounded, claiming that his partner was truly attempting to preserve the relationship but that Emtee’s “drug misuse” was interfering with their lives.

Now that The Hustler has passed through the wind of unfortunate events, his record label and the recent album “Logan” have been successful projects thus far. Here’s to more Gang Hustle Emtee!

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