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Emtee Shares Concern About Artists Singing For Free On Podcasts SA Hip Hop Mag

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Emtee Shares Concern About Artists Singing For Free On Podcasts. Emtee has never been one of those artists who are reluctant when it comes to their earnings and financial well being in the music space. The rapper has stated that one of his main worries is securing his future, adding that unlike popular assumption, he saves and invests money. .

Emtee might be concerned about his financial well-being in his hip hop career since he has vowed to trade carefully, but the rapper has aired his worries about artists who might be manipulated in the game. Sharing to his Twitter TL, Emtee came out and highlighted his concerns about rapper who are being made or tasked to sing for free during podcast interviews. These podcasts be having ni**as singing for free, he tweeted.

The rapper has definitely showed concern about podcasts who are taking advantages of artists and use them for the gains of their platforms. Emtee as an artist has had his own fair share of manipulations when he was signed under a record label, and it seems like the rapper is speaking out to warn other young artists to avoid doing things for free.

Emtee Shares Concern About Artists Singing For Free On Podcasts

During an interview on The Drive With Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu, the Rollup hitmaker made it clear that he doesn’t want to run out of money, so he’s learned how to save for the future. “I’ve always been paranoid about my future [where money is concerned]. I always have a plan B. I grew up in Jo’burg in the streets, so that has helped me understand that one always needs to have a plan B or C and even Z if you can. I am investing, putting money away, I have a company… You know, I am a shareholder and I’m doing it the business way,” he said.

The rapper’s current album, Logan, has gained plaudits as well as radio play and its clear that Emtee’s success should be enough to motivate other upcoming artists in the hip hop culture.

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