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Emtee Shares How He Feels About A-Reece’s Return To The SA Hip Hop AwardsSA Hip Hop Mag

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Emtee Shares How He Feels About A-Reece’s Return To The SA Hip Hop Awards. A-Reece’s followers have put their words into action by gathering to see him win the prized Artist of the Decade award at the SA Hip Hop Awards. After going for years without submitting his music for the SA Hip Hop Awards, A-Reece has found his way back on the nominees’ list for this years’ #SHHA2021 edition.

Not only his fans are rooting behind him, even some of his peers in the hip hop game have come to express how they are feeling with Reece’s comeback. During an Instagram Live Emtee made it clear that he is happy to see The Boy Doing Things being amongst the Nominees for the upcoming SA Hip Hop Awards.

“This SA Hip hop Awards they are interesting, they are very interesting because the real thing happened, on my side I’m happy to see A-Reece there you know,” Emtee said.

To make it more interesting Emtee also posted on this Twitter TL claiming that he has been on a call with A-Reece. Are the two trying to mend their past debacles? All we do is sit back and watch. “Was on the phone with Reece.” Emtee twitted.

A-Reece has not been submitting his music for the hip hop awards and its something that got his followers concerned about his well-being in the hip hop game. During an interview with The Masterclass Podcast, Rashid Kay mentioned about artists not submitting their music for the awards, and he also made it clear that A-Reece is one of those artists. Nonetheless, he confirmed that A-Reece submitted for nominations for this year’s SA Hip hop awards.

Emtee Shares How He Feels About A-Reece’s Return To The SA Hip Hop Awards

Rashid Kay was asked during the Masterclass Podcast if all the artists managed to submit their work for the awards. He made it clear that every hip hop artists submitted for this year’s awards.

“In terms of submissions are there any you know “Big Name Artists” that did not submit this year, you felt like these guys should be at the awards this year, everyone submitted?”

I think everyone submitted, Ambitious submitted, A-Reece, he came back he submitted.” “This year we had a record number of submissions, it was so difficult with the album of the year, it was so difficult that Kwesta didn’t even make it, Kwesta’s album, Zakwe and Duncan, all these people submitted and we have to choose five.” Rashid Kay said.

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