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Emtee Shares The Fans’ Reaction Whenever He Perform “Roll Up” SA Hip Hop Mag

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Emtee Shares The Fans’ Reaction Whenever He Perform “Roll Up.” Emtee is undoubtedly the country’s biggest trap artist. His lyrical genius and how he managed to introduce trap in SA hip hop caught the eyes and ears of many. When Emtee examined what trap means to him, he expands his reach beyond his own works.

Emtee Shares The Fans’ Reaction Whenever He Perform “Roll Up”

There is evident that much of the greatest things were crafted under duress pressure and the same can be said about Emtee’s breakout track “Roll Up.” The track grabbed the limelight for most club goers, but little did they know the song was produced in a single day. Up to the very day, Roll Up is still considered one of the best hip hop tracks in Mzansi.

We recorded Roll Up under pressure because the following day we had to release the project, so I recorded a lot of stuff and told my producer Ruff what to remove,” he said.

Taking to his Twitter TL Emtee reflected on how people are still enjoying and grooving to the track every time he goes out to perform. The rapper mentioned that the reactions from the first day the song was released is still the same to this very day. “I still perform Roll up till this day and the crowd reaction has never changed,” tweeted Emtee.

“Roll Up” might have got a positive reaction from most club goers, but the beauty part was that Emtee managed to get the attention of rewoned hip hop artists during that time. The rapper mentioned how he got a phone call from AKA in regards to the track. The two then agreed to work together on the Roll Up Remix alongside WizKid.

Now I can get a call from even AKA saying we should chill, whereby a year ago I never thought such things would be possible but then knowing what I want, knowing where I‘m going, I kinda took a big risk,” he said.

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