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Emtee Urges Artists To Pay Producer BlackTears His Full Rates

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Emtee Urges Artists To Pay Producer BlackTears His Full Rates. One thing Emtee is not for is rates being messed with and he is encouraging everyone to come to the party when it comes to paying artists and producers what they deserve. The rapper is currently working with a new producer called BlackTears and he is plugging him onto a bigger platform. Blacktears produced a track called, All My Life, which features Tuckshop Bafanaz, the track is a firm favourite amongst fans. Blacktears is getting a lot of traction and people want to work with him, however, Emtee has one requirement if people are working with the talented producer.

Emtee shared that people tell him that they are in the studio with BlackTears and are cooking up something. The rapper took to the Twitter streets and urged those who are working with Blacktears to pay the producer his full rates. “That’s nice. Pay my young nigga!!! Whatever you do. Pay him his full rates!”. Blacktears knew exactly who Emtee was talking about and remarked that he was not even in the studio with the person but was just flexing. “We wasn’t even in the studio, dude bumped into me and he wasn’t flex on me with your line,” tweeted the producer. Rates in the industry have been a huge topic point in the industry, with artists pushing to be paid what they deserve.

Emtee recently revealed the amount he got from SAMRO for his royalties and it left many people shocked as it was a mere R30. The rapper has encouraged people to not water down rates which is the current trend. “Stop tryna water down artists rates,” tweeted. Rapper Tshego has also spoken out about rates being watered down after he was offered R10 000 for a gig.  “I’m being asked to do an hour for 10K. I could die. In what f**king world, on what drugs. This how y’all living??? Surely you mean 10K to host for an hour? F**king hell,” wrote the rapper in his post.

DJ Double D also lifted the lid on the conversation about promoters not willing to pay artists what they deserve. “I’ve heard directly from artists, I’ve heard from promoters, I’ve heard from managers as well, a lot of guys have complained especially in Hip Hop, saying oh man you guys have put a dent in the market because the promoters are always going to try and take advantage,” he revealed during an episode of POPcast.

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