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EVERGLOW’s Aisha Receives Apologies From Individuals Who Spread False School Violence Rumors

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EVERGLOW’s Aisha has received apologies from those who spread false rumors about her.

Earlier this year in February, Yuehua Entertainment denied rumors that Aisha had been a perpetrator of school violence and stated that they would be taking strong legal actions. This month, the agency also officially announced that they would be taking legal action against malicious rumors about their artists.

On December 7, Yuehua Entertainment released a statement revealing that the people who had written and spread false rumors about Aisha through online communities have apologized to her. Below is the agency’s full statement:

Hello. This is Yuehua Entertainment.

We are informing you below about our [legal] progress regarding the writing and spreading of false information and defamation of EVERGLOW member Aisha.

In the meantime, the company had been taking legal action against two individuals who harmed Aisha’s reputation by posting false information about her on online communities.

Recently, they acknowledged that the information they had posted was false, and they submitted letters of apology while apologizing for causing psychological damage to the artist and her family by damaging her reputation.

While delivering their words of apology to Aisha, they also promised to not write any false information in the future. Therefore, we notified our intent for no punishment and dropped charges against the two individuals.

However, the company will continue to strongly respond without leniency or settlement to malicious posts and any action of spreading false information in order to protect the rights of our agency’s artists. Through consistent monitoring, we will work even harder to prevent situations disadvantageous to our agency’s artists.

Thank you.

Recently, EVERGLOW returned with their third mini album “Return of The Girl.” Check out the music video for their title track “Pirate” here!

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