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Faith Nketsi Returns To The Mic

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Faith Nketsi Returns To The Mic. Reality TV star, Faith Nketsi has returned to the studio and it seems that the popular personality is once again picking up the mic. For a hot minute, Faith attempted a rap career. Faith got quite the reactions from the SA Hip Hop with her rap career, which saw her even dropping an EP. Faith had teamed with DJ Maphorisa to release an EP called, Disrespectful, which didn’t perform very well.

The former Pro-twerker hung up the mic after the not so warm reception to her music but it seems she has regained the confidence needed to survive in the rap game. Faith shared on her Instagram stories, videos of herself in what appears to be a recording studio. In one of the clips, Faith has headphones on and is sitting behind a recording mic. In her caption Faith, wrote, “Guess who’s back!!!”. Faith also revealed to her followers that this time around things will be better. “This is going to be better than the last,” wrote Faith.

Fans are hopeful that time around, Faith will be dropping music and doing performances that will get her trending for all the right reasons. Faith’s time away from the mic has most likely allowed her to work on her craft and practice to show that this time she is serious about things. Faith had previously explained that she got signed to Maphorisa’s liable she was trying the whole music thing out but realized that Hip Hop music was just not for her. “I mean, for me, I love hip hop, I always say that. When I got into it, same as season one (of her reality show) I didn’t know what I was doing. But now I see that this is very time consuming and it needs a lot of passion and something that I can’t really give to the music industry like that,” shared Faith with TshisaLive.

While Faith did receive a lot of criticism during her shortlived rap career, one person who did have her back was award-winning rapper Nadia Nakai, who supported Faith’s EP and also urged the public to be more supportive of Faith’s first rodeo in Hip Hop music. Nadia took to Twitter and urged people to be kinder to Faith and not pull her down. “Y’all really need to stop this hate train on Faith, it’s her first project… allow her to grow dammit!!! She’s just starting… y’all can be so mean!!! Women are such an easy target for y’all on this app… sick of it. Stop,” tweeted Nadia.

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