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Flex Rabanyan Comes Under Fire For Homophobic Tweets

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Flex Rabanyan Comes Under Fire For Homophobic Tweets. Flex Rabanyan is currently a hot topic on the streets following his strong revelations about he blames for sabotaging his career. Flex has been vocal about being blacklisted in the industry and his music not performing well on digital platforms. While some of the public is supportive of Flex and his struggles, the LGBTQI+ community is not one of those. The rapper has once again come under fire for his homophobic tweets. Flex has once again had to defend himself from the backlash but the receipts are making it a tad difficult for the rapper to wiggle his way out of the fire.

Flex Rabanayan recently shared on Twitter that his latest music offering, Mawengane had not been streamed at all on Spotify, despite it being released over a month ago. A Twitter user pointed out that the reason that Flex has such low streaming numbers is because he is a “homophobe”. Flex defended himself from the claims and said he “loves homosexual people”. Flex added because of the negative image he has in the media, he is often misquoted. “I love homosexual people. Again I reiterate that I’m often misquoted because of the negative image media has attached to me,” tweeted the rapper.

His defence seemed to not be good enough for the LGBTQI+ community as several of Flex’s past tweets were pulled out and they painted quite a picture. Flex went on to reveal how being misquoted in the media has also had a negative impact on a business he had. The rapper shared the story of how a customer once wrote an email claiming the company poisoned a gay man’s food. “I even once got an email that claimed my then company @thumelafast poisoned a gay man’s food. It was obviously a lie but it cost me,” he added.

Flex has apologised for his comments and has explained why he previously made the remarks he did. “I was wrong because I had beef with one guy who called my mom a whore, and involved the whole nation. That was totally wrong of me, i apologise,” he shared. The outspoken personality previously landed in hot water because of his comments, directed at the LGBTQI+ community. Twitter users called for Flex’s music to be backlisted on radio stations across the country. It seems this really must have happened, as his music is not on high rotation on stations.

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