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Flvme Throws Shade At Ex-Girlfriend Following Her Tweet About Dating Rappers

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Flvme Throws Shade At Ex-Girlfriend Following Her Tweet About Dating Rappers. There seems to be no peace between ex’s rapper and producer Flvme and Ashleigh Ogle. The exes are back at it again with the social media exchanges. Ashleigh and Flvme’s romance was not without controversy from cheating to abuse allegations. The two former partners are not naming each other in their shady tweets but fans are reading between the lines. The popular rapper may have moved on from his relationship with Ashleigh but it seems her latest tweets regarding dating rappers have caught his attention and this resulted in Flvme throwing some shade.

Flvme shared on Twitter that on his side of the fence, stupid industry grannies are laughed at. Flvme mentioned no names but were able to speculate, who the tweet was about. Ashleigh has been in the South Ahh entertainment industry for 19 years. One Twitter user commented that Flvme is still hurting, which clarified to not be the case. The multi-award-winning artist is gearing up to drop a new project and is clearly not too bothered up about the drama. Ashleigh has since deleted her tweet, where she said that only dizzy girls date rappers in South Africa. In her now-deleted tweet, Ashleigh revealed that she would never again date a rapper.

Ashleigh also didn’t mention any names in her tweet but Flvme is the only rapper she has publicly dated. In her tweet, Ashleigh threw some serious shade at her ex, as she took jabs at his financial status. “ONLY dizzy girls don’t date rappers in South Africa. You can’t be broke, homeless and a rubbish all at the same damn time,” read her tweet. Flvme has laughed off Ashleigh’s comments but also had to let his feelings known. The last heated exchange between Flvme and Ashleigh resulted in the musician revealing he had hit her. The revelations came after Flvme tweeted that the last person he dated lied and tried to publicly embarrass him.

Lesego Kyle Mynandu DONT START! I will end you. I know too much and you’ve done too much! LEAVE ME ALONE little boy that beats women… This time I will fight you back! I warned you to stay away, the lawyers warned you but you keep trying! LEAVE ME ALONE BEFORE I REACT! @FlvmeSA,” tweeted Ashleigh at the time, in response to another shady tweet by Flvme.

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