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Former 9MUSES Member Sera Issues Warning To People Sending Her Inappropriate Photos & Messages

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Former 9MUSES member Ryu Sera has spoken out against people sending her inappropriate photos and messages online.

On October 1, Sera took to Instagram to issue a stern warning to those who have been repeatedly harassing her with unwanted photos and messages of a sexual nature.

Her full post is as follows:

For the first time since my debut 11 years ago, I’m currently undergoing the experience of receiving photos of a specific body part and sexual messages.

The fact that I’ve received these may mean that every woman in South Korea has received these kinds of messages.

At any rate…

I’ve blocked [the users sending them] over and over again, but now I’ve grown exhausted and am trying out posting this instead. I really tried hard to understand and think of excuses—they could be someone who really likes underwear, or they could be someone who doesn’t have enough money to buy a single pair of underwear, or they could be someone who has suffered from sexual trauma—but…

Just don’t send them.

I’ll find you.

Inappropriate pictures and messages are not acceptable.

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