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French Montana Self-Owns Over A ‘Squid Game’ Joke

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French Montana/WENN

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French Montana

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French Montana decided to self-own over a Squid Game joke.

For those who are unaware, Squid Game is a popular Netflix show that originated in South Korea, where players who are deep in debt sign up to participate in child-like games with the hopes that winning them would get them out of said debt.

And so, a popular meme on the Internet is to offer “players” a challenge with the premise being that the challenge was insurmountable, thus eliminating them from the “Squid Game.

So, a random tweeter challenged their followers to name five French Montana songs that don’t have a feature on them.


This obviously got Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend in his feelings, especially as people began making jokes at his expense.




And so, without a second thought, French Montana immediately jumped into the tweeter’s replies to rattle off the list of his songs that, he claimed, had no other features on them.

@sticktalkz Ain’t worried about nothing
Fuck with me get bag
Don’t panic
Shot caller
Everything’s a go
Devil want my soul
Henny and my 44
What it look like
Salam alaikum
Hotel bathroom
I’m so special
Now eat a dick 👿 I’m droping a solo track this week


The funniest part of all is, “Shot Caller” actually had a feature on it (from Charlie Rock).


Needless to say, it took almost no time at all for the Internet to continue to light up poor French Montana, who really should have sat this one out.




Next time, take the joke, French.

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