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Gigi Lamayne Is Giving Love Another Chance

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Gigi Lamayne Is Giving Love Another Chance. Things tend to be tricky in the dating department and not everyone is fortunate to find a partner on the first couple of tries. Rapper and songwriter Gigi Lamayne has been open with her followers about her highs and lows when it comes to all things mjolo. The star has previously revealed what she would do for love and in her quest for love has even appeared on a dating reality show. Gigi is a part of the cast for season 1 of Temptation Island South Africa.

Gigi is now once again trying things out in the dating department and this time she is really hopeful. Things so far are going well for Gigi in her new relationship, her new partner has even filled up her petrol tank, something some would describe as a love language. Gigi has shared with her fans and followers that this is the last guy she is willing to trust, as she doesn’t have the strength to go through dating stress once again.”You see I’m trusting this last guy. After this hayi mojolo has failed me. I don’t have the strength fara gawt ! 😩😩😩🤣🤣🤣,” tweeted Gigi.

Gigi also revealed to her followers what kind of trait she likes her men to have. In a tweet, Gigi wrote, “I like my men spiritual.” Her tweet was met with comments from men who felt they were the perfect suitor for the award-winning rapper. When Gigi revealed to her followers that’s she went on Temptation Island to try and find love she also revealed the lengths that she would go for love, which is to drive all night. “Recently went onto this dating show. I’m just saying, I’m that b**ch with guts. For love I will drive all night shem,” tweeted Gigi.

The rapper caused quite the stir during her time on Temptation Island, which is a show about putting couples to the ultimate test to see if the relationship will survive temptation. On the show, Gigi revealed “My name is Gigi and I am 26 and I am a musician, yes it’s definitely for love and not for likes. How far am I willing to go to find love on temptation island, probably a nude bubble bath. I don’t see myself spreading any cheeks. My power of seduction has to be my personality, I think I’m really good at being in different places and different times but still being here,” she said.

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