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Gigi Lamayne Releases A Mental Health Awareness Track “All Shades” SA Hip Hop Mag

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Gigi Lamayne Releases A Mental Health Awareness Track “All Shades”. Gigi Lamayne said she was “not strong enough” to reply to cyberbullies in response to criticism she experienced following her video with Inno Morolong. The rapper has been a victim of internet trolls from body shaming to all different kinds of accusations, she has seen it all.

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Gigi Lamayne Releases A Mental Health Awareness Track “All Shades”

On her previous tweet posted on her timeline, the rapper indicated that she is still taking Inno Morolong to court for falsely accusing her of chasing her boyfriend. Nonetheless, Gigi as an artist , she might have decided to address the issue of mental health that people like her are suffering from, hence she has released a song in relation to that named “All Shades”

Sharing on her Instagram page, Gigi Lamayne announced she has released a mental health awareness track that is aiming to stop any kind of bullying. Since she is the victim of bullying this song is her way of sending a message at the same time, it might be a way of healing from all she has been through.

Simply turning pain into a lesson. Ive never been good with words. Music is all I’ve connected to and known. Nobody knows the pain you’re in until they actually get to witness it. My heart is big but my love for every young woman is even bigger. The struggle is real and I hope we get to a place where we don’t have to put each other down to revel in temporary glory. To love and be loved is the biggest lesson #AllShades Link in bio. #saynotocyberbullying cc @sila.pha #mentalhealthawareness #BlackGirlMagic #melaninpoppin,” she wrote.

As if that is not enough, Gigi Lamayne also highlighted that her ex-boyfriend has been also breathing down her neck threatening to leak a sex tape on her. In a deleted tweet, the rapper said; “The most important thing I can do is tell the truth.” “Ive been threatened with éxplicit content sent apparently by my ex wanting to destroy me”.

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