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Gigi Lamayne Reveals Why She Is Done With SA Hip Hop

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Gigi Lamayne Reveals Why She Is Done With SA Hip Hop. Gigi Lamayne during a recent interview on The Ultimate Kaya959 Top 30 with Dj Keyez dropped a bombshell that she is exiting the SA Hip Hop game. The news does come as a shocker as the rapper recently dropped an album, “Mermaids and stuff” and now she is exiting the game. Gigi has become well known for her catchy bars and stellar flow and was certainly an added asset to the rap game. During her interview, Gigi revealed that her current album would be her last Hip Hop offering.

Gigi was asked by Dj Keyez how she finds the balance between her spirituality and working on her music. The rapper has found success within the Hip Hop industry and despite her disappearance last year, she delivered a solid project. Gigi revealed to the radio host that she was done with the genre. “So, firstly that is going to be my last conventional Hip Hop album, and not that I’m no longer rapping but Hip Hop ngiyayibonga, “I’m thankful). South African Hip Hop let me not say Hip Hop, like South African hip hop ngiyayibonga. South African hip hop nje hayi ngiright… I need a bigger challenge.

“I’m just tired of the bad energy. I feel like South African Hip Hop has a long way to go when it comes to that and South African hip hop was making me sick, you know. I can’t wait till I die to get my strides, like as a female hip hop artist and what I’ve always called myself. My biggest song is not hip hop, my biggest song is with King Monada and it was called Fufa, you know what I’m saying, and I feel like there is just this thing where Hip Hop artists can’t share like we cant share, yes Hip Hop has always been something that is competitive but for me, if it furthers the culture then let’s do it.

I hate the fact that there are camps and I think in life there will always be camps but Hip Hop like it’s so obvious and I think that’s what’s stopping hip hop from growing. I’ve been in circles with hip hop artists, and then I’ve been in circles with artists outside of hip hop and the love they show each other. I don’t care if it’s fake but at fact is at face value that seems so real and they support each other and as a healer, I can’t be in a space like that, where it’s constantly backbiting and stealing each other gigs and endorsements. It’s just too much mudslinging and it was making me sick. SA Hip Hop was making me sick, physically emotionally, it’s draining,” said Gigi.

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