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Gigi Lamayne Speaks On Expanding Beyond Being A Rapper

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Gigi Lamayne Speaks On Expanding Beyond Being A Rapper. A few days ago, Gigi Lamayne surprised everyone with her announcement that she is leaving SA Hip Hop behind. The artist has become one of the genres most recognized faces and has certified her place in the rap game. Gigi built a reputation for herself as a female MC and a dope one at that. After news of the Sosobala revelation that she is leaving SA Hip Hop a lot of people had questions and who could blame them. After all many questions were left unanswered as many were unaware Gigi would even want to leave SA Hip Hop.

Taking to Instagram Gigi brought some clarity as to what she said in her interview on The Ultimate Kaya959 Top 30 with Dj Keyez on radio station Kaya FM. “A lot of people have been calling me to try and find out what is going on (about me leaving SA hip hop), and I just want to clarify something that I did say in the interview” Gigi opened and said. “I am leaving South African hip hop and its conventional ways of doing things. I will be experimenting with other genres. “King Monada and myself are currently in studio and I am in studio with a few other people from other genres,” she said.

“I think I have just gotten to a point where I want to expand beyond just being a rapper, and I think I have proven that to you guys. ’Fufa’ is one of my biggest songs, and it isn’t even a hip hop song, but did you feel my presence, did you feel my raps, absolutely, I feel like the hip hop situation in South Africa, right now, is a little toxic in its own way. his is not to say that I am completely detaching from that, but I am definitely going to be in my own lane and doing my own thing and not living by anyone’s rules,” she went on to say.

Speaking to DJ Keyz spoke on the things she didn’t like about SA Hip Hop such as camps and how people treat each other in circles. “I hate the fact that there are camps and I think in life there will always be camps but Hip Hop like it’s so obvious and I think that’s what’s stopping hip hop from growing. I’ve been in circles with hip hop artists, and then I’ve been in circles with artists outside of hip hop and the love they show each other. I don’t care if it’s fake but at face value that seems so real and they support each other and as a healer, I can’t be in a space like that, where it’s constantly backbiting and stealing each other gigs and endorsements. It’s just too much mudslinging and it was making me sick. SA Hip Hop was making me sick, physically emotionally, it’s draining, she told him.

WATCH GIGI’S VIDEO HERE https://www.instagram.com/p/CUhu9FEIEkt/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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