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Girl’s Day’s Hyeri To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Posts And Online Harassment

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Girl’s Day’s Hyeri’s agency has announced that it will be taking legal action in response to malicious posts and personal attacks.

On December 17, Hyeri’s agency Creative Group ING released the following statement:

Hello, this is Creative Group ING.

Recently, there has been a surge in malicious posts targeting our artist Hyeri such as libel, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and defamation of character. We are therefore informing you that we will be taking legal action in response to these posts.

Despite our own continuous monitoring and all the reports we received, we have tried to overlook [these posts] as “freedom of expression.” However, we have decided that the actions of certain individuals who have continuously targeted Hyeri with groundless malicious posts have gone beyond the level where we can just stand by and watch.

Therefore, using our own continuous monitoring and the evidence we receive in reports, our agency plans to move forward with filing a lawsuit through a legal representative, and we will be making a firm response without leniency.

Thank you.

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