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Grateful Dead HQ Shares Pro-Shot 10/31/80 “Space”> “Fire On The Mountain” for ‘All The Years Live’ Video Series

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The team at Grateful Dead HQ are looking forward to the impending Halloween holiday, and have shared a spooky selection from the band’s video vault for this week’s All The Years Live clip.

The 10/31/80 selection begins with the sonic gymnastics of “Space” and eventually finds its way to a blissful “Fire On The Mountain.”

Explains legacy manager/archivist David Lemieux: “a very rare ‘Fire On The Mountain’ that was not preceded by ‘Scarlet Begonias,’ this fine rendition, a standout performance from both Dead Set and Dead Ahead, comes out of ‘Space’ incredibly smoothly, and is one of the cooler transitions you’ll hear out [of] ‘Space.’”

To stay up to date with the All The Years Live series, subscribe and visit the Grateful Dead YouTube channel.

Watch below:

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