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“He Should Be Thanking Me,” Slik Talk On Reason Using His Advice SA Hip Hop Mag

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“He Should Be Thanking Me,” Slik Talk On Reason Using His Advice. If we’re talking about being controversial and saying all the unpopular things, South African YouTuber Slik Talk should be at the top of the list. People have recently been asking one thing about Slik Talk and the information that he posts on his YouTube channel why is this person so careless with his words?

During the Podcast And Chill With MacG, the controversial social media personality fired shots at Reason yet again. This time around it was all about him bragging that Sizwe Alakine should be grateful for heeding the advice he gave him in regards to his career.

“I actually gave him some good advice and i think he is using it now cause i told him like, as a rapper he is never gonna make it he need to like write for other people. And i think he found a lane in Mapiano and i think that’s how he got Maphorisa to write for him so he shoud be thanking me”

“I wasnt trying to be malicious i just saw how his career was going and i felt like he needed the advice, because people wont tell you, they just say yeah Reason you are fire listen to your song once and never play it again so that’s not productive”

The rage between Slik Talk and Reason has happened before, and Reason seemed to have paid attention and considered some of the things that have been said by this controversial figure. ”Some of the things he says you got to think… Let me look at it without emotions and taking it personal. You know, let me not listen to this right?,” Reason said.

Nevertheless, its not only Reason who has been blasted by this vexed social media personality. He has targeted a number of celebrities, including media personality Bonang Matheba, actresses Enhle Mbali and Bontle Modiselle. The likes of AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Priddy Ugly, Nasty C, and Shane Eagle are amongst the people who have been criticized by Slik. He also recently discussed the deaths of two Amapiano performers, Killer Kau and Mpura, who were allegedly killed in a vehicle accident.

Slik Talk does not appear to be somebody who picks and selects who he chases; instead, he pursues anybody and everyone in the Mzansi showbiz.

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