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Henceforth, Burna Boy promises to be a better person

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Self acclaimed “African Giant”, Burna Boy, is seeing life from a different perspective.

He made this public in a post he made. Burna spoke on how so many people around us are going through tough times.

“They could be going through the worst kind of hell and you will not know until they are gone,” he wrote.

Henceforth, Burna say he will be delibrate in asking people “how are you doing?”.

He also conceeded to bring pain to several people.

“I know I have caused people pain in my past but I swear on everything. For my remaining days in this world, I will always mean it from the bottom of my heart when I ask “how are you doing?” and I will always be the cause of joy to others no matter what,” Burna said.

The singer is popular for making controversial statements. Many have also tagged him “arrogant” and proud.

See write up below.

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