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Here Is How Much Boity Reportedly Wants From Bujy In Damages

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Here Is How Much Boity Reportedly Wants From Bujy In Damages. Rapper and businesswoman Boity’s is reportedly seeking R1 million from former Metro FM on-air personality Bujy Bikwa in their settlement agreement. The two were involved in an altercation, that turned physical at the end of September at the Courtyard Hotel in Midrand, Gauteng. In a recent report by City Press, it is alleged that the two are trying to reach a settlement agreement out of court. This comes after Boity laid an assault charge against him.

City Press has reportedly learnt that Bujy and Boity are in negotiations to resolve their dispute, which has resulted in both of them laying counter-assault charges against each other. Boity and Bujy are said to have gotten into an argument during a conversation with friends about spiritual callings and ancestors. Boity laid charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm shortly after the incident. Boity had to be transported to the hospital after Bujy threw a bottle of alcohol at her. Images of Boity’s white shirt filled with blood trending across social media.

A source told the publication that “Boity asked for R1 million, which she says is for loss of income due to her injuries. She says she couldn’t work because she had to undergo surgery. Bujy, on the other hand, claims that he also lost income due to spending seven days in prison after his arrest. Boity’s lawyers approached Bujy’s lawyers the next day when he appeared in court and told them that she wanted to settle out of court. Bujy received the official letters when he was released on bail the following week. He opened a counter-case of assault against Boity.”

Bujy had released a statement about the matter and took responsibility for his actions. The post has since been deleted. “I also opened a counter case of common assault against the culprit for physically attacking me and after being in pain from the injuries I sustained for seven days, being held in police custody, I have received medical attention and have filed my medical records towards my counter case.” 

Social media users have weighed in on Boity wanting R1 million for loss of income due to her injuries. Some are wondering if Bujy will be able to afford the settlement. With some wondering if a settlement is the way to go instead of letting the courts decide. “Boity must just get this man behind bars. He doesn’t have the money and paying instalments doesn’t make sense,” wrote one tweep.

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