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Here’s How Much It Costs To Book SA Rappers Right Now

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Here’s How Much It Costs To Book SA Rappers Right Now. COVID-19 has unfortunately slowed down the rate at which artists are currently being booked to perform at clubs and various events around the country. In 2020 the country was completely closed due to the virus leaving artists to come up with creative ways to make money besides just making music.

Some rappers had Lockdown concerts where fans were plugged into their Instagram or YouTube lives where they performed some of their hit songs and others were solely focused on growing their music and finding new sounds to appeal to broader audiences. Some rappers also thought outside of the box and created other forms of income, for example AKA launched his AKA TV app with exclusive content that fans had to pay for.

South Africa is currently in Level 2 which means there are a few openings here and there for artists to perform where possible but entrance to some venues are still limited, however SA rappers are still able to make some revenue from live performances. The curfew has also made it more difficult for artists to perform longer sets.

Curiou about what SA rappers are charging for performances and appearances? Here is a quick look at what it costs to book some SA rappers right now. The figures are inclusive of other South African artists as well.

Package Including Kwesta & Malome Vector – R195 000

Package Including Emtee – R130 000

Package Including Yanga Chief – R124 000

Package Including Major League DJz – R115 000

Package Including Kwesta – R80 000

Package Including Big Zulu & Blaq Diamond- R86 000

Package Including Big Zulu – R76 000

Package Including Kwesta – R64 000

Package Including Emtee – R52 000

Package Including Costa Titch – R50 000

Package Including Yanga Chief – R44 000

Package Including Malome Vector -R40 000

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