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Here’s Why Cassper Is Being Called ‘Don Blockiato’ On TwitterSA Hip Hop Mag

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From getting applauds for the upcoming Billiato alcohol beverage to naming himself Don Billiato, Cassper Nyovest has mapped a way for tweeps to give him another moniker, “Don Blockiato.” Cassper Nyovest got a good reputation in the SA hip hop space, being one of the artists on the forefront to uplifts other upcoming rappers in the game.

The Doc Shebeleza chanter has been accused of not allowing any kind of criticism that comes from his fans or any media personality. This has led to Cass to block anyone who goes against what he has achieved as an artist or as a businessman.

Here’s Why Cassper Is Being Called ‘Don Blockiato’ On Twitter

Cassper’s tendency for locating the block button was more prominently highlighted in the talky YouTuber Slik Talk’s emotional session. This came after a twitter post from Cassper that set the online platform ablaze. “Let me tell you something. When it comes me, Cassper Nyovest Don Billiato!!! Boyz!!! Im far too gone Yall can talk all the sh**t you want, create alliance agree le jutane, you’ll never win!!! All my enemies know deep in their hearts they would love to switch lives.” Tweeted Cassper.

The tweet from Cassper Nyovest seemed to have given Slik Talk enough arsenal to lodge another attack on him. This time around, the YouTuber went on and emphasized Cassper’s lack of emotional maturity leading him to block everyone that criticize his music or his brands.

Slik Talk reaffirmed that what he said in his old video was facts, before slamming the Tito Mboweni hit maker for always blocking people who have unpleasant things to say about him. “Stop blocking everybody on Twitter. Anybody that says something that’s not 100 percent positive about Cassper Nyovest gets blocked,” he said.

“People are calling him ‘Don Blockiato’ because he’s blocking everybody. If you share something that’s not positive about Cassper Nyovest, you get blocked. My n**ga grow up, bro. He said.

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