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Honey Lee Announces Marriage To Non-Celebrity Boyfriend

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Honey Lee got married to her boyfriend!

Lasts month, it was confirmed that the actress is in a serious relationship with a non-celebrity. On December 21, her agency Saram Entertainment announced that she held a private wedding today.

Here is her agency’s official statement:

Hello, this is Saram Entertainment.

We have good news regarding our label’s actress Honey Lee.

Honey Lee, who met a precious person, promised to become lifelong partners [with him] based on trust and affection for each other.

Considering the difficult times, instead of holding a wedding, the two got married on December 21 through a vow ceremony somewhere in Seoul that was attended by only their families.

We hope you will send congratulations and blessings [to Honey Lee].

In addition, Honey Lee’s spouse is a non-celebrity, so we politely ask you to refrain from excessive speculation about his personal information.

We ask for your kind understanding.

In the future, Honey Lee will return with a more mature image and good acting as an actress, so please give her a lot of attention and support.

Thank you.

Congratulations to Honey Lee and her husband!

Watch Honey Lee in her latest drama “One the Woman” below:

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