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“I Don’t Beef With Broke Rappers,” Slik Talk To ReasonSA Hip Hop Mag

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“I Don’t Beef With Broke Rappers,” Slik Talk To Reason. Twitter went berserk after Slik Talk on the Podcast and Chill with MacG video clips of the conversation went viral. The notorious Youtuber talked about a number of celebrities in Mzansi. As expected Slik Talk could not resist the opportunity to take a dig at Reason’s career and what he thinks about the former rapper.

One comment that was particularly timely and contentious was his opinion on Reason‘s achievements during his hip hop tenure. The controversial Youtuber went on and made it clear that Reason is not a topic up for discussion since he believes the former rapper is no longer a topic of relevancy.

In a bid to introduce Slik Talk’s issues with Reason in the conversation, MacG asked a quick question, “why is you don’t like Reason?” Promptly, Slik Talk said, “I don’t beef with broker rappers, next question.” Just to defend Reason and making sure that Slik explained his statement about Reason. Sol Phenduka who is a Co-host on Podcast and Chill tried to justify Reason’s successful career but Slik Talk was not ready to think otherwise.

Ah come on, people are human, celebrities are humans they get broke, look at him now he’s popping.” Sol Phenduka said. Just as everyone was expecting, Slik Talk responded in sarcasm, “Is he really?” He went on to ask the biggest song ever created by Reason in his music career just to make it clear that Reason is not the subject he wanted to dwell on. “Favourite song by Reason?” Do It Like I Can was not the song he thought could sum up Reason’s career and categorize him amongst the best.

“I dont know that song (Do It Like I Can), it doesnt count.” Sol Phenduka tried to remind Slik Talk that the song was nominated for SA Hip hop Awards. Slik Talk questioned the year when the song got nominated, “1990 what?” Slik talk asked. In addition, he also went on to mention that Reason should thank him for taking his advice. Nonetheless, this is not the first time that Slik has mocked Reason. This is a rage that has been going on for some time now.

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