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‘I Knew It Would Be Like This’ Blxckie Reflects On His Success

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‘I Knew It Would Be Like This’ Blxckie Reflects On His Success. Blxckie’s music must certainly have a special ingredient that makes his fans love it so much. The rapper is certainly on a winning streak and it seems that every other week, he is celebrating a new milestone. Blxckie currently features on some of the hottest tracks in South Ah, he is working with the countries best and still managing to pull in great streaming numbers. One has to wonder how does he do it all. Blxckie’s music certainly speaks for itself as the young star, doesn’t even have huge PR rollout campaigns for his releases.

Blxckie recently took to social media to celebrate his latest win, a million views for his music video YE x4 with Nasty c. The artist found himself reflecting on just how far he has come as an independent artist. Blxckie’s story is a true testament that when it is your time, it is your time. In his post, Blxckie showed appreciation to his fans that have been riding with him since his first releases on Soundcloud, before he blew up in the mainstream media. Who would have thought that being stuck in Joburg would be the biggest blessing for the 21-year-old, whose real name is Sihle Sithole? Blxckie has certainly made the most out of his move to the City of Gold as he has become one of SA Hip Hops biggest acts.

In his post, Blxckie revealed that everything still feels like a dream to him, but it certainly is a dream come true for Blxckie. Somnyama, yena yedwa, as he is also called by fans, remarked that he always knew that things would be this way. “YO ! WE DID IT AGAIN. ANOTHER MILLION. INDEPENDENT. ORGANIC. i love you guys so much, this feels like a dream. THIS FEELS LIKE MY BIRTHDAY. i swear i knew it would be like this, from way back. from ‘come with us’ , from ‘noob saibot’ , from ‘shwii’ .. if you know, you know. ngyanthanda nonke, i promise. lets do more !!” wrote the rapper.

Blxckie has certainly achieved a lot this year, he has the biggest SA Hip Hip album. His debut album, B4Now is doing well on the music charts and pulling streaming numbers daily. Blxckie has obtained several number 1 singles, it seems every time he drops, his music goes straight to number 1. Blxckie is certainly hot property and hopefully come award season, his efforts pay off.

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