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Ifani Pleads With Cassper To Be Friends Again SA Hip Hop Mag

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Ifani Pleads With Cassper To Be Friends Again. Its not only AKA who has been in cahoots with Ifani, but the latter has had a beef with the Nyovest that dates sometime back. When Cassper Nyovest released his Tito Mboweni single, iFani came out to share his thoughts on the song, which were far from complimentary. This debacle led to some tussle on the TL between the two hip hop artists and one thing led to the other with Cassper blocking Ifani on Twitter.

From the look of things it seems like Cassper Nyovest is not willing to have a truce with Ifani and he is no longer paying attention to any of the bad energy on the TL. But that’s not the case with IFani, the rapper has recently shared a screenshot on Twitter of his account still blocked by Nyovest and he has pleaded with Cassper to unblock him and have a truce.

Ifani Pleads With Cassper To Be Friends Again

“If Drake & Ye can settle their beef, Who are we not to settle ours? C’mon Nyovest. Unblock me. Let’s be friends again I’m sorry.” Tweeted Ifani. The rapper has not been in the game for a while now and after slamming Amapiano for being at the top for almost a year, iFani brags about being Hip Hop’s rescuer. The rapper has said on Twitter that he will be releasing a rap song that will knock The Yanos from the top spot he has held for a long time.

On his recent comeback to music, Ifani has collaborated with Big Xhosa. He mentioned that he sees a lot of potential in the young rapper and he is willing to support and guide him whenever necessary. “To me, this song is about Big Xhosa and I want the focus to be on him. He doesn’t receive airplay on the radio the song can either blow up or die out. I am throwing myself in to say to him here’s another lifeline in the music industry, I love the work that he’s doing,” he said upon the release of the track called “Ik*k* endala.”

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