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Ifani Receives Backlash For His Reaction To Boity’s Assault

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Ifani Receives Backlash For His Reaction To Boity’s Assault. Rapper iFani is known to say some pretty controversial things but it seems he might have taken things a tad too far with his latest comments, regarding rapper and media personality Boity Thulo. Boity has been in the headlines recently after she was assaulted by former Metro FM radio host, Bujy Bikwa. Boity opened a case of assault against Bujy after he allegedly threw a bottle at the Ba Kae hitmaker. The matter is currently a legal matter and Bujy is out on R2000 bail.

iFani took to Twitter to comment on the matter and his reaction has left many Twitter users rather unimpressed. In his tweet, iFani revealed that if he had the opportunity to “hit” Boity, he wouldn’t have used a bottle. “If God gave me a chance To hit Boity I wouldn’t use a bottle,” tweeted iFani. The rapper also added the chilli pepper and peach emoji’s to his tweet, which are often used as sexual references. Many tweeps took to the comments to share their understanding of the rapper’s tweet. One tweep alleged that iFani was just using a metaphor, but not everyone bought that story, as one tweep remarked that iFani’s comments were “just distasteful”.

One tweep even said, “It’s an unfortunate metaphor. Clever wordplay, yes but read the room.” Other tweeps went on to take shots at iFani’s rap career, as they criticised him for trying to capitalize on Boity’s unfortunate incident. “This guy’s bars have always been whack. He trying to capitalize on an unfortunate situation here but still crap… What is sad is that he’d still pick such bars if he were to make a song,” said one Twitter user. Despite all the backlash iFani has received he has not yet removed his tweet. iFani has become popular for his tweets, he has previously taken shots at award-winning rapper AKA on Twitter.

Boity in a statement released days after the incident occurred confirmed that she had been a victim of physical assault and asked for privacy to deal with the matter, mentally and emotionally. “It is with deep sadness to state that I was indeed an unfortunate victim of a vicious physical assault and that I have since opened a case against the culprit, which I am following with a keen interest. I do not wish to comment on this matter any further (at this time),” read her statement. The SA Hip Hop community has shown support to Boity and several comments offering her support have been seen on social media.

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