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“Ignorance is not an excuse before the law”

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Nigerian veteran rapper, Ruggedman sounds an alarm to Nigerians to watch out for stolen items because ignorance is not an excuse before the law.


The recent upheaval within the country had witnessed the looting of privately owned businesses by hoodlums, therefore Ruggedman took the initiative to advise Nigerians to carefully observe what they purchase within this period so as not to end up buying stolen items.

Ruggedman tweeted the following via his Twitter page on the 23rd of October 2020:

Following the destruction of businesses, looting & carting away of goods by thieves in the past days , I’ll advise we all be careful of what we buy from individual sellers. Especially electronic devices. As ignorance is not an excuse before the law. #DontBuyStolenGoods

The veteran rapper made a plea to innocent Nigerians not to fall victim to greed by purchasing costly items sold at ridiculously cheap prices, because doing so could land them in trouble. He tweeted:

Innocent people will begin to buy things at ridiculous prices not knowing they might actually be stolen. Please do not add more wahala on yourself o. Pls stay safe.


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