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‘I’ll Forgive You’ Cassper Let’s Go Of Costa Titch Beef

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‘I’ll Forgive You’ Cassper Let’s Go Of Costa Titch Beef. Cassper Nyovest is letting bygones be bygones, the rapper is finally putting to bed his little beef with Costa Titch. Cassper has had a change of heart following Costa Titch’s recent statement which was released in response to Cassper’s video trolling Costa for performing an Amapiano song. Mufasa and Costa Titch have been back and forth with each other, ever since Costa Titch made remarks about the rapper wanting to drop a SA Hip Hop banger and return to the genre.

Cassper responded and said that Costa was talking like a big boy and is now feeling the heat. “You were talking like a big boy. It was unnecessary and you felt like you were on fire, now you can’t take the heat,” expressed Cassper. The rapper however not long after had a change of heart and revealed he is letting the matter go and shared that he just wanted Costa to shake a bit. Cassper also clarified that he is not a bully and encouraged Costa to continue to make music. “1 thing I’m not, is a bully & I can see you’re backtracking so ill forgive you and let it go. I just wanted to make you feel it shake a bit. O ntwana Costa , you’re a laatie. Go make music and have fun, don’t talk smack for no reason unless you’re gonna see it through. Sharp!” the rapper tweeted.

Fans of the rappers shouldn’t expect the two to resolve their issues in the boxing ring. In response to a fan, Cassper asked if beating up Costa would be the best look. Cassper may be one for the boxing ring, just not with Costa. In his statement, Costa Titch made reiterated the comments he made during his interview with Slikour On Life. Hopefully, now that Cassper has forgiven Costa the matter has really been put to bed.

“Nyovi I’ve left you to run with your narrative for long enough now without saying anything, I have no problem with you however, I don’t appreciate how you have made this situation bigger than what it actually is. I have never said I am going to save as hip hop. All I said is that SA hip hop is uniting. If you jumped ship then stay there and let us fix what you broke. What I meant by that, is that You keep pushing this narrative of being on either side “I’ll see hip hop in 3 years etc” “if you tell me I’m the greatest I’ll jump on a hip hop song again with one of the new kids” and that’s not right in my opinion. I feel you should have the right to do anything you wish and make both genres with a positive attitude without talking down on any of the genres, “ said Costa Titch.

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