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Is Nasty C The Next SA Hip Hop Artist To Jump On Amapiano?

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Is Nasty C The Next SA Hip Hop Artist To Jump On Amapiano? Nasty C has made it clear to his fans that they should not expect him to do any Amapiano tracks. Spank Daddy has picked his lane and it’s strictly Hip Hop. A lot of SA Hip Hop acts in recent weeks have found themselves, switching things up and jumping onto Amapiano tracks. Some artists have also expressed interest or willingness to hop on Amapiano music. It’s hard to blame these SA Hip Hop artists for jumping onto Amapiano, as it is currently dominating the music scene.

Nasty C recently went live on Instagram and delivered a strong message to artists who had hopes of working with Nasty C on an Amapiano record. Nasty C urged that those thoughts be killed as he certainly won’t be doing an amapiano track. However, Nasty C said he would maybe do a House song as it would be less weird because of his background. “If anyone of my fellow artist friends and you have an Amapiano song you were thinking I would go well on it, kill that idea right now. Don’t do it to yourself. I hate declining especially people I know, don’t make me do it man. Just don’t do it,” Nasty C shared

“I love Amapiano man, it comes with a different type of energy…I would be faking it if I did it. Just look at it from a distance and admire it no beef, I support [it]… I’m Hip Hop to the core but that that’s not what I’m like zoned into…I still do a little bit of Pop. I tell you what, I will do a House music song before I do an Amapiano song because of my background it would make more sense. I’m from Durban and my big brother taught me how to make beats and he used to make house music beats..” he explained.

The rapper went on to reveal his thoughts on maybe working on a Gqom sound, which he has previously done. “I did a Gqom song once, a long time ago and I was just fucking around so if I did a Gqom song it would be weird, but not too weird,” he said. While Nasty C has made it clear that he is sticking to his lane, rappers Kid X and AKA have indicated willingness to do so. Despite AKA questioning the longevity of Amapiano, he has expressed that if he does come across the right beat, he would hop on to an Amapiano track.

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