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Is This Cassper’s Response To Not Making Donald’s Top 3 Most Consistent SA Rappers?

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Is This Cassper’s Response To Not Making Donald’s Top 3 Most Consistent SA Rappers? Cassper Nyovest never misses conversations where his name is included, the rapper may not be tagged but if his name is mentioned he will know about it. Recently singer Donald shared the names of three rappers who he felt were among the most consistent artists in South Africa over the decade. The award-winning vocalist named K.O, AKA and Khuli Chana. Cassper’s fans did not take lightly to the exclusion of their favourite rapper and made sure that Donald was aware and defend Cassper in the comments. Cassper was not direct with his reaction but his words were viewed as a response to Donald’s opinion.

Cassper made the remark shortly after Donald’s post. Mufasa encouraged people to keep being consistent. “Nnnang consistent Boyz and girls!!! Keep at it!!!” wrote the rapper. Twitter users remarked that not everything is about the rapper and reminded the rapper that Donald mentioned artists who have been consistent over the decade. “Casper cries all the time like a little Girl that’s the only thing I don’t like about him he’s been in the game for about 7 years that Nigga blew up 2014 he must relax they ain’t talking about him … you always make things about you dawg can’t you chill? “remarked one Twitter user.

One Twitter user commented how did Donald’s tweet become about Cassper, this tweep was reminded that the inclusion of AKA made it immediately about Cassper. The two rappers have one of the longest-running beefs in SA Hip Hop history. Everything becomes a competition when Cassper and AKA are involved, most recently Cassper’s viewership numbers on The Braai Show, certainly became a talking point. Cassper’s numbers have been compared to AKA’s season of hosting the show. Cassper has yet to beat AKA’s 2.8 million viewers, the highest amount of viewers the show has had has been 2.2 million on its debut.

Cassper may have not specifically mentioned Donald but his use of the word, “consistent” and the timing of the tweet certainly raises speculation that it is a response to being left out. Cassper certainly has been consistent and no one can take that fact away from him, however, Donald did place a time frame when it came to his opinion. Cassper certainly has had a huge impact on the game, in the 8 years he has been active and has consistently proven his value as an artist regardless of the genres he makes music in.

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