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iZotope launches Mix & Master Summer sale on Plugins & Bundles

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iZotope launches Summer sale on Mixing & Mastering plugins

The well-known plugin development company, home to the legendary Ozone series, RX series, and Neutron series, are returning with their yearly summer sale. This Mix & Master Summer sale of iZotope will grant you up to 70% savings on the best mix & mastering plugins. Explore and choose either complete bundles or single plugins.


iZotope Mix & Master Summer sale


This sale ends on 8/31, so make sure to grab your favorite plugin while you can! The sale is divided into 2 parts: bundles/suites and single products, which are listed down below.

1. Mix & Master Bundle: This complete mix & mastering bundle will give you access to the best plugins, to deliver at a professional level. Included within are the Ozone 9 Standard, Neutron 3 Standard, and the Tonal Balance Control 2. Shape, polish, change, and finish your track while using these plugins. This bundle is normally available at $499, but through this sale, you’ll be able to get it for $199.


2. Tonal Balance Bundle: The Tonal Balance Bundle will take your productions to a higher level and immediately improve your workflow. Use the included Ozone 9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3 Plus, and the Tonal Balance Control 2 to improve every detail of music production and sound design. This bundle is currently marked down from $699 to $349.


3. Music Production Suite 4: The largest and latest suite of iZotope is also included in this Mix & Master Summer sale. Be amazed and surprised by the many included plugins that will boost your creativity and will guide you through the process of starting and finishing tracks. There are 11 plugins included, such as the RX 8 Standard, Ozone 9 Advanced, and the VocalSynth 2. If you really want to take your productions to a higher level, we would recommend this bundle over the Tonal Balance Bundle. The Music Production Suite 4 was available at $999 but is currently available at $499.


4. Elements Suite: Four award-winning plugins are combined in this Elements Suite to kickstart your career. The Elements Suite includes the Ozone Elements, Neutron Elements, Nectar Elements, and the RX Elements. For only $49, you can catch a glimpse of the power and character these plugins add to your productions. Both mixing & mastering can be improved while using this suite, a perfect offer to work with one of the best music production plugins at the moment.


5. Ozone 9: This complete mixing & mastering plugin speaks for itself. It adds clarity, character, depth, space, and power to single elements, busses, and mastering chains. It replaces a complete chain with individual plugins as this package includes EQs, compressors, limiters, exciters, and much more, in only 1 plugin. The Ozone 9 Standard is currently in sale for $149 and the Ozone 9 Advanced for $299. If you want to get the most out of your productions, I would recommend the Ozone 9 Advanced as it offers you complete access to all of the tools.


6. Neutron 3: Neutron can be perfectly used for shaping details. Included within are gates, transient shapers, sculptors, compressors, EQs, and many more. This plugin is great while working with vocals, synths, and drums as it gives you freedom and the right tools you need. Neutron 3 can be divided into Neutron 3 Standard, which is available at $149, and Neutron 3 Advanced, which comes at $199.


7. Insight 2: iZotope included this complete metering & audio analysis plugin to the Mix & Master summer sale. Insight 2 will give you all the tools you need to keep an eye on the visual aspect of your productions. Control the frequency spectrum, panorama, loudness, and sound field while only using 1 plugin. This plugin can be used at the end of your mastering chain, busses, or individual sounds. Insight 2 is available for $39 and is worth the price!


Take a look at the complete Mix & Master Summer sale right here.

Have a look at the plugins down below.

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