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Jeon Somi Reveals How She Became Besties With aespa’s Giselle

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Jeon Somi has shared the story of how she became close friends with aespa’s Giselle!

On the latest episode of SBS’s popular YouTube show “MMTG,” Jeon Somi took a fun car ride with host JaeJae. While the two stars jammed out together to music in the car, one of the songs they played was aespa’s latest hit “Savage.”

As soon as “Savage” came on, Jeon Somi immediately began singing along before proudly bringing up her friendship with Giselle. Turning to JaeJae, she happily exclaimed, “My friend. Yeah, my Giselle. My girl!”

When JaeJae asked how they became close, Jeon Somi replied, “I approached her first.” She then playfully added in English, “Flirting!”

After passionately singing along to the “Savage” rap, Jeon Somi elaborated, “I saw online that Giselle had mentioned here and there that she liked my song. After seeing that, I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. One of my dancers for ‘DUMB DUMB‘ was a choreographer for aespa, so I immediately went to her and told her, ‘Unnie, I want to become friends with Giselle.’ So I got her number right away.”

Jeon Somi went on to reveal, “We see each other every other day or so. I met up with her yesterday, and I’m going to see her again today. She even did the [‘XOXO‘] challenge for me yesterday.”

Check out Jeon Somi and Giselle’s adorable “XOXO” challenge below!

@somi_official_JEON SOMI X GISELLE ##XOXOCHALLENGE 너무 귀엽잖아 yo.. we too..cute..하루종일 있어도 재미있는 지구젤리 �df0f�dd23�dd70�dd75@aespa_official #전소미 ##JEONSOMI ##지##GISELLE ##JE#ONSOMI_XOXO

♬ XOXO – 전소미

Watch Jeon Somi on “Don’t Be Jealous” with subtitles here:

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