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Joe Mettle shares strange testimonies after the release of ‘Wind of Revival’ album | Ghana Music

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The newly wedded Joe Mettle has opened up on unusual experiences he has encountered after releasing his latest ‘Wind of Revival’ album.

In an interview with Kay Official on the Myd-Morning Radio Show on Y102.5FM Kumasi, he confessed that the year he released that album was one of the years in which he saw proper change because God had told him that he was going to cause a change.

According to him, he had tried several times to record the songs and he had planned to put the songs on the ‘Encounter’ album but it did not work.

He also tried to put it on the ‘God of Miracles’ album but God told him to hold on with that as well till it was time for the Wind of Revival’ album when God finally told him that it was time to let those songs come out.

“We would rehearse, about to record and something would come up so we wouldn’t record. And sometimes, we would record but it wouldn’t come out as we expected so we don’t use it.”

Listen to the entire album here

“Wind of Revival itself was in the year that God told me that He was going to cause a change. That he was going to cause a revival not only in my life but in the life of the people, in the world, and these are the messages that He wants me to speak out there”, he shared.

The singer gave his testimony on how they were able to do so much without having to go through the regular stress where they had to get people to support the project.


“God was just opening doors and people were just coming our way with support. Not only that, people were testifying things that God was doing in their lives as a result of the singles that we released even before the Wind of Revival album, and on the day itself that we had the concert, it was just something else”, he added.

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