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Jub Jub Claims Kelly Khumalo Used “Umuthi” Amid His Break-up With Amanda Du-Pont SA Hip Hop Mag

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Jub Jub Claims Kelly Khumalo Used “Umuthi” Amid His Break-up With Amanda Du-Pont. Talk of a platform that celebrities in Mzansi have to chill and unwind sharing their stories, The MacG Podcast And Chill has evolved into a forum for celebrities to clear the air regarding their issues, and sometimes, even divulge facts about themselves that we didn’t know.

Jub Jub Claims Kelly Khumalo Used “Umuthi” Amid His Break-up With Amanda Du-Pont

This time around The MacG Podcast And Chill have to get South Africa talking on the TL as they brought a hip hop artist whose lifestyle has been marred with a slew of controversies. Jub Jub got a slot on the latest MacG Podcast and the hip hop artist took the horn by its bull and unraveled all the events took place until he goes to prison.

During the Podcast And Chill With MacG, Jub Jub revealed the events that transpired leading him to break up with Amanda Du-Pont. The rapper highlighted that things changed for him and Amanda the moment he met Kelly claiming that the latter used “Juju” to lure him in.

“Me being with Amanda was never about me cheating on her.” “Me, there is someone else that, when I was with Amanda, this person I saw a virgin, when I saw this virgin I say no, they saying virgin, you can see she is fit, thinking I’m going to smash and run that was the plan.” Jub Jub spilled that this person was too involved with the media, and before he knew it he saw his picture with that person in the papers. And that led to his breakup with Amanda.

“This person she knew a lot of journalist, she knew a lot, like she was everywhere, before I knew it, there is a picture of me and her in the newspaper, Amanda saw it, when I got home Amanda moved out,” he said. Jub Jub went on and revealed what Kelly Khumalo has done to him so that they can spend much time together.

“I never saw it coming, but i saw myself spending a lot of time with uKelly but I did not what she had done for that to happen, its almost like she slammed a cake in my face.” Just to explain what he said, Jub Jub mentioned that Kelly use magical charm on him. “Look its not anything new, everybody knows Kelly use “Umuthi” (Magical Charm) so I guess she used that for me to stay,” he said.

Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub relationship had it own differences just like any normal relationship, but Jub Jub revelation during the interview ignited a lot of debate on the TL leaving Mzansi struck in awe.

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