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Jung So Min Talks About Similarities To Her Character In “Monthly Magazine Home” + Working With Kim Ji Suk For The 2nd Time

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Jung So Min participated in an interview with Sports Chosun upon the end of her JTBC drama “Monthly Magazine Home.”

“Monthly Magazine Home” is a drama about the romance between a woman named Na Young Won, who believes houses are for living, and a man named Yoo Ja Sung, who believes houses are for buying and selling.

In the interview, Jung So Min said, “I still can’t believe that it’s over. This was the longest filming period of any of the dramas I’ve done before, and it was also the first time that I spent so much time in the office for a role. We filmed most of our scenes in the magazine office, and soon going to set felt like I was really a company employee going to the office every morning. When I went to set, there was always a place for me, and good colleagues around me. It was my first time experiencing that kind of thing, so we developed a lot of affection for each other.”

Jung So Min shared that she felt that she was similar to Na Young Won. “We’re similar in that we both try and do the best we can and work hard at the jobs that we’ve been given,” she said. “The jobs that we have are different, and our childhood backgrounds are different, but both of us have worked steadily in one career path for 10 years. I think that if there is a difference, I’m less kind than Na Young Won.”

“Monthly Magazine Home” revolved around the question of housing, which is a hot topic in South Korea. Jung So Min said, “I thought the concept was interesting. Everyone has gone through hardships related to housing, so each character had their own unique story to tell. I think the script was less interested in real estate and more about how different characters have different attitudes toward their houses and subsequently toward their own lives. To be honest, if you don’t have an interest in real estate, then it’s hard to understand the terminology or even understand how it works. I researched a lot while reading the script and learned many new things.”

About working with Kim Ji Suk, she said, “I think that Kim Ji Suk is a person who is more used to taking care of others first rather than himself. We met eight years ago on a short-form drama and this was our second time working together. But he always seems more mature than me on set, so I depended on him a lot while filming. Since this was our second time, we could be more comfortable around each other while working.”

Jung So Min will be appearing next in the tvN drama “Hwan Hon,” written by the Hong Sisters. she said, “I’m currently preparing for the new project. I don’t have a specific goal in front of me as an actor, but I don’t want to stay in the same place. I want to keep trying new things and growing step by step.”

Watch “Monthly Magazine Home” below!

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